Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin

I have been so busy getting ready for our second full year of beekeeping and preparing for the markets, that my blog effort was delayed until just now. Stay tuned here for all the activities with Musashi The Bee (www.musashithebee.com)

We just took more pictures of bees working different flowers in our neighborhood. This will prove helpful to other beekeepers in Florida and of course for our customers to see the incredibly diverse floral source of our all-natural, chemical free honey.

I do not use any chemicals in our beehives, and utilize organic methods of beekeeping, to include "Crush and Strain" harvest method. This is the most pristine natural way to harvest honey and it all it requires is some hand crushing and marble pestle. There are no extractors, pumps, hoses, metal drums, pvc pipes or forklifts or any of the large operation necessary evils once production becomes more important that quality.

Our entire harvesting operation revolves around one simple tool, a marble pestle which I crush all the brand new honeycomb! All of our honey comes from honeycomb that was just built by the bees. This new honeycomb is fresh, light clean and a beautiful beeswax color! Compare that to the wax or plastic foundation most large beekeeping operations use year after year after year. It's a significant difference that is clearly visible to anyone who has ever seen the difference. You CAN see the difference in the pictures I will include here and at www.musashithebee.com, as well as our sample hive we keep in our booth at the local markets in the Tampa/St. Pete area!

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