Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun at the Markets

(Yukiko and one of our passionate customers, Lori)

Yukiko and I both enjoy the customer interaction at the markets and special events we attend. It's always satisfying to have passionate repeat customers come back for more and even pick up new things once they see the value for the quality intrinsic in the product. As you can see from the above picture, if customers purchase $20 or more in products they receive a handy yellow tote bag for free that includes their name in Japanese written out by Yukiko. People enjoy this kind of personalized treatment and we like that they are so pleased with our service with a smile!

People become passionate customers because of the quality and freshness of our products. We do not take any shortcuts in the name of profit. You hear the sentence, "The most fresh, most local product....yada yada.." but with us it really is true.

Our pollen is a great example of this. You simply cannot find a more natural chemical free, FRESH Bee Pollen from anyone in our area, and possibly in Florida. FRESH is in caps because to really harvest Bee Pollen properly, you have to take it from the beehive each and every day and put it directly into a freezer or fridge to keep the beneficial enzymes intact. I will blog about Bee Pollen and post pictures of the past few days pollen collection, but for now, just wanted to stress that there really is a difference in Musashi The Bee products and our dedication to quality above just making a buck.

Here are a few pictures of our market so you can see what our booth looks like if you come visit us at any of events. Our calendar is available at

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